Curtis Referrals:

Exclusive Partnership Program

Earn up to $4,000 in bonus funds
Do you have a peer who would benefit from having Curtis on their side?

We empower our clients through enhanced brand expression and improved operational efficiency. Now, we’re offering even more value with significant referral bonus funds. The best part is, it’s easy. Just sign, introduce and start earning!

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How to be rewarded for every industry peer you introduce

For any new reference account that generates annual sales up to $75,000, you’ll receive bonus funds equal to 4% of their total sales over the first 12 months. If your referral generates annual sales greater than $75,000, you’ll receive bonus funds of $4,000. That’s true for each referral account that qualifies.

Sign Referral Agreement

Complete the referral agreement and provide your Curtis client manager with a direct introduction to one or more industry peers.

Curtis Tracks Purchases

Curtis starts tracking your industry peer’s sales to see how much you’ll earn. Payments are made at year-end or as soon as they hit $75,000.

You Start Saving

Your funds can be used as a dollar-for-dollar reduction off a Curtis invoice or as credit for future Curtis purchases.

Get Purchasing Credit

Or, you may use your funds as a credit to purchase additional products and services from us.

Learn how Curtis Referrals
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